Total Coronavirus Cases (World)


Total Recovered


Total Deceased


Total Active Cases (World)

21,818,122 (99.58%)

Active Cases in Stable Condition

90,366 (0.41%)

Active Cases in Critical Condition


Total Closed Cases (World)

89,965,930 (78.63%)

Total Recovered & Discharged (World)

2,538,318 (2.21%)

Total Deaths due to COVID-19 (World)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Global Statistics

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Today the world is facing the Pandemic Coronavirus which was originated from Wuhan the capital city of Hubei, China. Spreading speed of this virus is really fast, as it can be transmitted from person to person in form of droplets caused by sneezing or coughing of the infected person. This virus is not air-borne and is heavy in weight so it cannot be transmitted by air. However, this virus can stay active on surfaces for more than 12 Hours and can travel upto 9 KM by shoes, slippers etc.

Now this virus is affecting more than 205 countries worldwide. There are more than 21,908,488 Active Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in this world as of today with approximately 2,538,318 deaths worldwide. There is currently no cure or vaccine is available for this virus but scientists all around the world are working hard to make one.

All the data on this website is up to date, you can use this website to track coronavirus in Real-Time. We have worked hard to create this algorithm which works in real time by updating the data as soon as confirmed by the Official Resources (Worldwide).

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Data Sources

John Hopkins University - NCDHHS - Worldometers - Humdata - OpenStreetMap - ECDC - CDC - WHO International